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Is NDA automation the best place to start your legal automation journey?

The value of building compliance into the business process – Compliance by Design

What technology are New Zealand in-house teams using?

How do you expect investment in technology for the legal team to change over the next 12 months?

Stay in control of your legal automation project

What are "legal" skills vs "non-legal" skills?

How to combat overwhelm in evaluating LegalTech

Does your contract approval process need improvement?

Document Automation – An Analysis of the Time Well Saved, Time Well Spent and Time Well Invested Framework

Automated Estate Planning: The Advantages of Using Automation Software for Drafting Wills and Enduring Power of Attorney Documents

What type of relationship should Legal and IT teams have?

What to do if my boss says no to my legal automation project

Costs, Benefits, Price and ROI for Automation Projects

Best resources for improving contracting processes and outcomes

LawHawk's Major Themes for 2024

How not to waste money on a proof of concept

Tidy up your firm before you sell it

Transforming Law Firms: Not Just About Automation

Creating Value in Your Law Firm: Embracing Subscription-Based Digital Solutions

How In-House Legal Teams Can Boost Collaboration and Productivity on Legal Matters with Microsoft’s Task Management Tools

How you can use Microsoft Teams Premium for more productive meetings

Rise Above the Scheduling Struggle: How Microsoft tools can simplify meetings

Legal Team Analytics: How SharePoint and Power BI Can Showcase and Drive Legal Team Performance

Mastering Document Chaos: Streamlined Document Management Options for in-house legal teams with SharePoint and OnePlaceDocs

Better Email Management Options for SharePoint Users

Unlocking Legal FAQs: Helping the Business to Help Themselves in SharePoint

Building a Solid Foundation: How can you build an Efficient Legal Intake Process in SharePoint?

Legal Matter Management: Options for the use of Microsoft 365 and SharePoint

Rethinking Auto Redlining: Balancing Technology and Human Collaboration

Enhancing Contract Flexibility: Exploring Playbooks in a Microsoft Environment

Effective Collaboration in Contract Management: Balancing Internal and External Needs

Unlocking Contract Insights in a SharePoint Contracts Library

Maximising Contract Views in SharePoint: Making Data Work for You

Managing Contract Expiry Dates in SharePoint Contract Libraries

How do I get contracts and data into a contract library?

Streamlining Contract Execution: Embracing the Power of Digital Signing within Microsoft Tools

Streamlining Approval Processes in a Microsoft Environment

The Value of Specialised Document Automation Solutions in CLM

Streamlining Contract Requests and Document Drafting: A Cost-Effective Approach

Unlocking Contract Data: Optimising Templates for Structured Information

Setting the Foundation: Preparing Your Templates for Automation

Maximising Contracting Outcomes: Start earlier in the process

Practical Contract Management: Unlocking the Potential of M365 and SharePoint

You don't have to automate everything

The value of making contracts easy to read and follow

Microsoft Word Styles for Lawyers

When Law Firm Problems Become Client Problems

These clients don't want to pay their lawyers less

The Law Firm Secretary API

Use your software as its intended to be used

The Maturing of Technology for Legal Work

The value of contract data

You don't always need the latest technology to do amazing work

The only place 'success' comes before 'work' is in the dictionary

What are the costs of delaying an automation project?

Value for money in All of Government External Legal Services Contract

Think broadly in building a business case for legal automation

Good technology relationship are proactive

Do you really know your processes?

Focus on the outcomes you need, not who has the most features

Focus on relationships, not tech

Do you need a point solution, a platform, or integrations?

You don't need an expensive matter management system to save your emails

Don't get stuck in your legal automation project

We need to manage compliance differently

Better Never Stops for Air New Zealand's Legal Team

Don't worry if it is innovative!

LawFest – Beyond Innovation Theatre – The Reality of Tech Adoption in Law Firms

A brief overview of HotDocs Advance - Video

7 Law Firm options for Wills and EPAs

It's about relationships, not tech

More thoughts on digital signing and remote witnessing

5 Immediate Steps to Business Continuity

How do your lawyers price their work?

The hawks helping lawyers automate legal documents

Legal tech in New Zealand: Where is the disruption?

Breaks Legislation – Do Employees Have to Take Breaks?

Are you wrongly relying on employment trial periods?

Ford Sumner - The Wellington Law Firm to Watch

No. 8 Wire – undeniably useful, but is it still good enough?

What might happen for New Zealand legal services and lawyers?

More houses, more contracts... What the Housing NZ legal team did

30-something years old, in a relationship – do you and I need a will?

How to get an exciting new legal job in 2018

One year as a LawHawk!

Employees want to work in a growing firm – what’s your plan?

7 things to consider when evaluating document automation modules

Digital signing for lawyers – Secured Signing and LawHawk Join Forces

How do law students and graduates choose where to work?  (Part Three)

How do law students and graduates choose where to work?  (Part Two)

How do law students and graduates choose where to work?  (Part One)

What’s on the minds of New Zealand in-house lawyers?

Help!  I’m in-house! Legal tech needs for in-house lawyers

What does a great outcome with legaltech look like?

Legal document automation is really a thing

Let the Free New Zealand Will Continue!

What can we learn from emerging legal best practices from London?

Do I need a will?

Baby boomers and millennials – can’t we all just get along?

Half of Kiwis over 18 don’t have a will – what are we going to do about it?

Legal tech news from New Zealand – things are happening here too!

Are your lawyers keeping fit for the future?

Checklists, guidance and other ways to ensure quality of legal work

Legal Opinions - Everyone has one, do they share them?

February Round Up - Will Legal Tech completely replace the flesh and bones lawyer?

Does your law firm use precedents?

Technology in the legal sausage factory - what is it, and who does it benefit?

The legal sausage factory - will lawyers show clients how they make their sausages?

Time to visit the legal sausage factory - Questions for clients to ask their lawyers in 2017

Why I left a global investment bank for a New Zealand legaltech startup

Shit just got real! Changes to law ARE coming

6 documents your organisation uses that can be easily automated

8 ways LawHawk's cloud based document automation could help your in-house team

7 Key questions for in-house lawyers considering if document automation could help your organisation

Welcome to a new LawHawk - Allen Li

How technology can make you a more successful lawyer

How partners can make happier senior associates

Meaningful work a key to recruiting and retaining talent

Don’t (just) automate, obliterate: Why it’s time to re-engineer the way we work

Senior associates: 10 ideas for taking more control of your career

Stuff: LawHawk spreads wings with online legal templates

Fantastic opportunity for 1/3 of Small Law Firms

What is modern legal document automation?

The non-confidential guide to confidentiality agreements

Four major changes for the legal profession

HBR: Why Your Innovation Team Needs a Lawyer

Focussed variety is the key to killing boredom

Legal form automation disrupts old way but offers new avenues

Are you straddling in your legal practice?

What will large scale automation of banking documents look like?

How to thrive in disruptive times from a Silicon Valley entrepreneur

Could this one idea save banks and their customers millions?

Key takeaways from the FT Asia Pacific Innovative Lawyers 2016 Report

The right ways to attract and retain the best legal team – Part 2: Once you’ve hired them

The right ways to attract and retain the best legal team – Part 1: How to recruit them

Can the LawHawk Legal Directory add value to your practice?

The 'Xero' Effect Hits New Zealand's Legal Profession

LawHawk takes flight!

Cloud technology changes everything

How to change an entire industry

What is your purpose?

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