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The Maturing of Technology for Legal Work

Posted by Gene Turner on 18-Oct-2022 19:50:47

Earlier this month I was at the ILANZ conference. It was an excellent event - the best ILANZ I have been to.

There were several indications that technology for lawyers has matured a lot over the last year.

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You don't always need the latest technology to do amazing work

Posted by Gene Turner on 02-Oct-2022 10:20:41
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Topics: Document Automation, Legal Technology, In-House Legal, Document Assembly, Compliance, Legal Automation, Legal Operations

Focus on the outcomes you need, not who has the most features

Posted by Gene Turner on 26-Sep-2022 13:08:22

A lot of technology is bought and sold based on how many features it has.

Vendors are certainly responsible for a lot of marketing, emphasising all their features while simultaneously claiming that their solution is incredibly simple and intuitive.

Buyers, especially those going through formal procurement processes with RFPs, massively overcomplicate things by including spreadsheets with tens, if not hundreds, of requirements.

At some point, everyone loses sight of two of the most important things:

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We need to manage compliance differently

Posted by Gene Turner on 15-Aug-2021 17:46:11

The regulatory obligations that organisations need to comply with are rapidly increasing, and it's clear organisations are struggling to keep up and find ways to comply. Lawyers can help – ideally as part of a multi-disciplinary approach incorporating other experts and technology focussed on solving the business problem rather than just as legal advice without considering how it can be incorporated most efficiently into business processes.

The problem is not new. Even well-established legislation such as the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Act 2009 is still causing problems for banks, with recent enforcement action being taken against two New Zealand banks for infringements over many years.

However, it is getting harder. New regulations are continuing to come out, with even more demanding ongoing requirements.

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