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Do you really know your processes?

Posted by Gene Turner on 26-Sep-2022 13:12:54

One of the challenges in legal process automation projects is that it can be hard to figure out the current process and agree on what it ideally should be.

In many legal processes, there is no written process map at all.

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You don't need an expensive matter management system to save your emails

Posted by Gene Turner on 19-Sep-2022 15:12:16

If you want to manage your legal matters better, a matter management system should be an excellent investment - if you're prepared to invest the time to set it up and use it properly.

However, if you're really just looking for a better way to use SharePoint and file your emails and documents, a matter management system is a costly way to go about it. There are better options at much lower costs.

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Topics: Legal Automation, Email Management, Matter Management, Legal Operations

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