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Focus on relationships, not tech

Posted by Gene Turner on 26-Sep-2022 13:01:52

Allen and PhilThe longer I've been working with legal technology, the more convinced I am that customers should be looking for relationships, not technology or particular solutions.

What do I mean?

The speed of change currently is incredible. Your customers' requirements are changing, your staff requirements are changing, your competitors are changing, and you need to change too. You can't afford to wait 6-9 months for even simple updates.

What you are buying today is not what you will need tomorrow.

Fortunately, with the evolution of SaaS platforms, and low-code/no-code software, the software you buy today is unlikely to stay the same for long either.

Good software providers are continuously improving their software in response to customer feedback and their own research and development. Some legacy solution providers and internally developed IT solutions clearly are not.

If you focus only on the technology you see today and not on the partner you need for the future, there's a risk that your solution could quickly fall out of date and become a hand-brake on your business. Focus on who you think will support you to be successful over the long term.

At LawHawk, we see ourselves as long-term partners, helping our customers to solve the problems they have today, while also creating options for ongoing improvement.  We evaluate a lot of technology options, and have a good feel for both the technology and the people behind it, and who is the best long term fit for our customers. 

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