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What does a great outcome with legaltech look like?

Posted by Allen Li on 14-May-2017 15:52:47

You may have seen me talk about using legaltech to achieve great outcomes.  You may have nodded your head in agreement. After all, who wouldn’t agree that getting a great result is, well, great?  But what does this actually mean?  

There are a lot of legaltech options out there.  If you’ve tried one piece of legaltech, and been left feeling like the guy on the right, you’re not alone.  This happens all too often.  With so many providers (sometimes appearing to offer the same solution), you have to find one that can solve problems you have, in the way that suits you, in the way they said they would.  Don’t part with your money or your time, until you know this will be the case.

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The non-confidential guide to confidentiality agreements

Posted by Gene Turner on 15-Aug-2016 12:41:36

Do you or your team draft or review confidentiality agreements? For something so simple, there’s actually a lot to think about, including things like:

•     Who are the parties, and who should the parties be?

•     What other people are entitled to access confidential information, and on what basis?

•     What’s in the definition of confidential information?

•     What’s out of the definition of confidential information?

•     What purpose can the confidential information be used for?

•     How should the confidential information be kept secure?

•     What should happen if some confidential information is required to be disclosed?

•     Should confidential information be returned or destroyed, and when should it be allowed to be retained?

We’ve created a free guide to confidentiality agreements, which you can access below. It can help you if you’re drafting your own confidentiality agreement, or as a checklist when reviewing one prepared by someone else.

Feel free to share this with your friends, and let us know what you think – what’s missing? Anything you don’t agree with?

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