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Welcome to a new LawHawk - Allen Li

Posted by Gene Turner on 13-Nov-2016 18:31:39

I'm really excited that Allen Li has joined LawHawk, starting 14 November. Allen has most recently been working as a derivatives lawyer in London for a global bank, and experiencing first hand the global trend toward automation and its significant benefits. Before that we worked together at Buddle Findlay so I knew what a great asset he would be for LawHawk and its customers when he came back to New Zealand. 

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Can the LawHawk Legal Directory add value to your practice?

Posted by Gene Turner on 13-Jun-2016 08:32:58

In my earlier blog LawHawk Takes Flight!, I touched on the free LawHawk legal directory as a particular area where LawHawk sees an opportunity to add value to the legal profession, but which could do with some further explanation. In particular:

- if LawHawk is really for lawyers, why would there even be a legal directory?

- do you have to be regularly using LawHawk to be included in the directory?

- can less experienced lawyers include profiles?

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The 'Xero' Effect Hits New Zealand's Legal Profession

Posted by Gene Turner on 09-Jun-2016 13:31:09



Legal documentation automation set to transform the legal profession in New Zealand as Xero has for accountants

Wellington, NZ. 7 June 2016. The law profession in New Zealand is set to be shaken up with the launch of a new online service called LawHawk (www.lawhawk.nz), whose cloud-based document automation transforms the speed and cost of producing high quality contracts and other legal documents.

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LawHawk takes flight!

Posted by Gene Turner on 05-Jun-2016 21:35:54

I’m really proud that the LawHawk site has now gone live. We are on our way to helping lawyers deliver ‘law at speed’, so legal practice remains satisfying, fun and profitable for lawyers.

LawHawk is about bringing the promise of the digital economy to the legal profession and enabling New Zealand’s mostly small law firms to survive and thrive against digital disrupters and larger competitors. It’s a big challenge, but one we are relishing.

It has also taken a significant amount of work over many months, from a large number of people from Wellington, Auckland, Christchurch, Melbourne and Edinburgh to design and build the best online legal documents system we could. I’d like to thank the people at eStaronline and HotDocs in particular for making the e-commerce, document automation and design aspects of the website work, Resolve Technology for setting up safe and secure general IT systems, and marketing agency Concentrate for helping to make sure that people who have the problems we’re trying to fix can find out about us.

Where to from here?

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