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Allen Li

Allen is a document automation expert at LawHawk, a specialist document automation company helping you create advanced documents fast.
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What can we learn from emerging legal best practices from London?

Posted by Allen Li on 26-Apr-2017 08:59:41

“Not surprisingly (in hindsight, at least), his first initiative was to implement document automation.  This was almost eight years ago!”

Over half a year on from leaving London, I ask myself:  what did I learn from my time in London?  Perhaps I can best answer this question by first asking myself: what did I expect?  Global market-leading bank, hundreds of years old, based in London - everything must go faster and run more efficiently than in little New Zealand, right?  Well, sort of.

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Topics: Document Automation, Procurement, Legal Technology, Document Assembly

Baby boomers and millennials – can’t we all just get along?

Posted by Allen Li on 11-Apr-2017 14:13:52

“It’s those with the most experience that can contribute the most knowledge to new technologies.”  

There’s been a lot of press in New Zealand recently about the growing division between the baby boomers and millennials/gen Y.  For example, Bill English has said the age of eligibility for superannuation will rise to 67 from 2037 (i.e. it won’t directly affect the baby boomers).  For a few years now, the house prices in the most popular areas of NZ have been out of reach of most millennials.  This blog isn’t intended to discuss the economic and social arguments behind these situations we find ourselves in.  I am, however, interested in how the stereotypical differences in mindsets between the generations can make innovation tricky within organisations.  How do we get the best outcomes, in light of these differences?

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Topics: Future of Law, Document Automation, Legal Technology, Document Assembly

February Round Up - Will Legal Tech completely replace the flesh and bones lawyer?

Posted by Allen Li on 13-Feb-2017 08:14:00

Many people are still asking whether Legal Tech will completely replace the flesh and bones lawyer.  We don’t think so, and neither do most of the legal tech commentators we’ve come across in the last month.  Technology will sit alongside humans to provide better outcomes for clients, not replace humans.  As we note in our comments about Synergist below, we believe that over-reliance on technology may compromise effective outcomes when people still need to build relationships and work together.

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Topics: Practise of Law, Document Automation, Legal Technology, Document Assembly

Why I left a global investment bank for a New Zealand legaltech startup

Posted by Allen Li on 11-Jan-2017 08:00:00


“With LawHawk, I see an opportunity to provide the tools to close the gap between what the client expects from its lawyers and what the lawyers can deliver.  Even better, there is an opportunity to allow lawyers to exceed expectations.”  

I had a role I enjoyed with a global investment bank in London, one of the financial centres of the world.  I gave it up to take a position with a little known legaltech startup on the other side of the world, trying to solve complex problems that others haven't been able to.  Here's why.  

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Topics: Practise of Law, Document Automation, Legal Technology, Document Assembly

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