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Jaesen Sumner

I was admitted to the bar in 1997 and since then I have practiced in employment law, commercial dispute resolution, insolvency and recovery law and regulatory enforcement. In the employment area I can help you on a wide range of matters, including restraints of trade, health & safety legislation, the Holidays Act, disciplinary action, copyright, restructuring and redundancies, dismissals and performance management issues up to chief executive level. I have worked with LawHawk on their automated employment agreement, and our joint custom employment agreement review and automation service, and as a result our team can offer you a very efficient employment agreement service.
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Breaks Legislation – Do Employees Have to Take Breaks?

Posted by Jaesen Sumner on 17-May-2019 15:07:53


The law regarding break allowances for employees has recently changed.

 The Employment Relations Amendment Act 2018 has amended the Employment Relations Act 2000 to state that:

 “an employee is entitled to, and the employee’s employer must provide the employee with, rest breaks and meal breaks”.

Are you up to speed with the new changes and what they require?

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Are you wrongly relying on employment trial periods?

Posted by Jaesen Sumner on 12-May-2019 12:19:30



Trial periods are no longer available for employers with more than 19 employees

If you are an employer that relies on trial period provisions when employing new employees, you need to be aware that the law has now changed. 

If you have over 19 employees, you can no longer use the 90 day trial period and any attempt to use one will not be effective.  A new approach is needed.

What should you do?

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